SPA | Signature treatments:CALM & SLEEP

There are certain rituals, designed with respect to the human body and soul, performed with love and affection, to provide the utmost sense of indulgement.

Feel this ritual release all the tension, through a series of relishing and refreshing techniques. The mesmerizing aromatic combination of precious frankincense and enticing patchouli, imbued in the jasmine and gardenia body scrub, conveys a sense of absolute calmness, preparing the way for a luxurious mask with lavender oil to reduce stress and improve circulation.

A relaxing massage with rhythmical movements adding evening primrose extracts soften the skin, while relieves muscle aches by helping calming your body, improving your sleep and your overall well-being.

Duration: 1h 45m 

Key Elements: Welcome Touch, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Full Body & Head Relaxing Massage.